Premiere: Lilla Vargen Embraces Connection & Meaning in Stunning “Why Wait”

Lilla Vargen
With an angelic voice and a heart of gold, Northern Irish artist Lilla Vargen is setting a new standard for the modern pop singer/songwriter with music grounded in connection, emotion, and meaning.
Stream: “Why Wait” – Lilla Vargen

With an angelic voice and a heart of gold, Northern Irish artist Lilla Vargen is setting a new standard for the modern pop singer/songwriter with music grounded in connection, emotion, and meaning. Her latest singles “Why Wait” and “Solitary” are intimate outpourings full of sincerity exploring the individual condition and our first-person approach to the surrounding world.

Why Wait - Lilla Vargen

Why Wait – Lilla Vargen

I can’t take it no more
Feels like I’ve been through the wars
And if you aren’t the goal
Then what are you at all
I’m falling slowly
So slowly no one can see
That I’m finding it hard to breathe
‘Cus you’ll be the death of me

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the acoustic playground session of “Why Wait,” Lilla Vargen’s first single of 2019 (released September 13, 2019) and the lead single off her forthcoming sophomore EP, We Were Thunder. Having already amassed half a million listens in a month’s time, “Why Wait” follows Vargen’s four-track Hold On EP (released late 2017/early 2018), which introduced the artist to the world in such a powerful form that James Bay picked her to open for him at his 2018 London “comeback” show.

A solemn guitar-driven ballad that builds into an epic overhaul of sound and feelings, “Why Wait” highlights Vargen’s powerful vocals as well as her Adele-like musical intensity. She’s all in, and her songs reflect that sentiment.

“I wrote this song about love and loss and also about the music business,” Vargen tells Atwood Magazine. “I often wondered what the purpose of waiting around for people to care was. Essentially the song is about desperation to succeed, moving forward and realising that not everyone is there to help you.” As she sings about cutting ties with a partner, one can recognize how easily her story can be adapted to fit into so many situations in and out of the sphere of love:

And why do we wait for those who are never there
Why do we suffer for those who never care
Why do I wait
Why do I wait
For you
And I’m down on my knees
Hoping you’ll understand
That where I’m going
I can’t come back from that
And raising your voice
Well that won’t change a thing now
‘Cus I’ve made my choice
I’m better off alone
Lilla Vargen

Lilla Vargen

Solitary - Lilla Vargen

Solitary – Lilla Vargen

Earlier this month, Vargen followed up with the song “Solitary,” the second single off We Were Thunder. As dazzling as its predecessor, “Solitary” is a poignant, delicate piano ballad. The artist focuses attention around the rise and fall of her stunning voice, as she yet again unleashes a breathtaking cry on the pains of love:

And while I’m breaking
I know you’ll stay the same
But I will be waiting
Still longing for you to change
Don’t you say that you still want me
I’m solitary
No, don’t pretend you know me better
I’d rather be solitary
And I feel alone when I’m with you
I can’t hide it anymore
And when I try to pull you closer
I’m still solitary

We Were Thunder scheduled to release this winter. “This is all I’ve ever wanted, and now I’m working hard to make sure I get to the next step,” Vargen recently shared via press release. She says she’s trying to “be conscious and not take anything for granted,” and that self-awareness radiates throughout her new music.

Tackling universal issues and core emotional tendencies, Lilla Vargen is an artist worth putting on your radar not just for how incredible she sounds, but for how she makes you feel. Stream her music exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for her sophomore EP We Were Thunder, out this winter!

Stream: “Why Wait” – Lilla Vargen

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Why Wait - Lilla Vargen

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