Premiere: Mouth Breather Creates a Hazy, Swirling Anthem on True Love with “After All We’ve Been Through”

Mouth Breather
Mouth Breather
“After All We’ve Been Through” is Mouth Breather at its best, telling a story of the sillier side of love that doubles as the fourth single from the artist’s sophomore album ‘Under The Surface.’
“After All We’ve Been Through” – Mouth Breather
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Imperfection is one of the cornerstones of beauty, of love — the idiosyncrasies of people that truly define them. These quirks are the good stuff, the items that bring about a pureness and heart that make up true love. Though, this isn’t what is always showcased. A “perfect” love is no more real than the fantasies they live in, and Mouth Breather aims to undo the spell with latest single “After All We’ve Been Through,” and we at Atwood Magazine are proud to be premiering it today!

After All We’ve Been Through – Mouth Breather

23-year-old Owen Hooper is Mouth Breather, a smorgasbord of ideas and soundscapes that all culminate into dreamy, indie-pop anthems that one can easily lose themselves to. With “After All We’ve Been Through,” the dreamy vibes are dialed to a 10 with mesmerizing effect, creating a space where the mind and body act as two, both enraptured by the dulcet vocals and hazy rhythms that are taking place.

And after all we’ve been through,
I find certain problems with you
Keep it all inside,
but I’m not sure I have it inside

The newest single also acts as the artist’s announcement to his sophomore album, Under The Surface. Debut album Listerine Dream was a contagious and quirky album that had feet moving and bodies swaying, leaving much anticipation for the sophomore release. “After All We’ve Been Through” is already setting up what could be 2020’s first great album.

And I find closure in everything
And I wish nothing but the best for you

On the track, Hooper told Atwood‘After All We’ve Been Through’ is about how silly and even damaging the idea of true love can be. Nobody and nothing is perfect and it is those imperfections that make people and things so beautiful.” The theme is made apparent through the lyricism Hooper unleashes on the track, notably with the opening and closing line “And after all we’ve been through I find certain problems with you.”

Mouth Breather © Bryan Van Wyk

The song opens with an immediate onrush of gorgeous guitar melodies and drums beats accompanied by a slick bassline to tie it all together. The scene that is created is bright, an aspect that is carried throughout the entire duration. Despite the theme of breaking down love, it remains positive—not a somber telling of heartache. As the sweet—almost gentle and whimsical— vocals from Hooper begin, the bright aura is joined by a dreamy one, a dreamscape teeming with feel-good energy that will undoubtedly put smiles on the faces those listening. As the track continues, slight pauses occur with each chorus—moments of calm before the dazzling flux of indie-pop melodies make their return.

And if I took some time out from my life I’d see
The weight upon shoulders left me incomplete
From every bond I broke,
I found another that had so much more to give

Each return is inexplicably intoxicating. The sudden start leaves tingling sensations with each occurrence, leaving listeners hard-pressed not to become more and more enamored as the song goes on. Nearing the track’s end, the percussion bolsters and provides additional layers that accentuate the experience and beautifully prep for the close. As the last words are being sung, “What is wrong? Is it that much different than what I thought I could give?” the ideas of romance and unrealistic standards for love swirl, but they don’t linger and torment. It’s a gentle deconstruction of false ideals that only aims to help. The instrumentation has one last outpour during the closing seconds, a final goodbye that closes out this story of damaging love.

But I find closure in everything
And I find it’s not easy for me to say
What is wrong? Is it that much different than what I thought I could give?

The idea of perfection is silly. No one is perfect, and the point is to be with someone who complements your idiosyncrasies and winds up being the perfect match to your imperfect soul. That’s love, and Mouth Breather knows this, and “After All We’ve Been Through” serves as an infectious reminder of this fact. The track’s pop-inspired melodies create a song that will make 2020 a year full of good tidings, and with the sophomore album, Under The Surface, releasing next month, those tidings are sure to last the entire year and beyond.

Stream “After All We’ve Been Through” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and be sure to mark your calendars for Under The Surface which releases February 21 via Roshambo Recordings.

Stream “After All We’ve Been Through” – Mouth Breather
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Under The Surface

an album by Mouth Breather

Releasing February 21
1. Co-Dependents Anonymous
2. Fuck All Of These Feelings
3. Otherside
4. These Thoughts (Inside My Head)
5. Modern Girl
6. Lost
7. Is Any of It up to Me?
8. God Gave So Much Love
9. Love
10. I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
11. After All We’ve Been Through

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