Premiere: OcnSide Radiate Love in Glowing Debut “Taking Me Over”

OcnSide © Chrissy Dennis
OcnSide © Chrissy Dennis
A dazzling outpouring of warm, fuzzy feelings, OcnSide’s debut single “Taking Me Over” harnesses rock/soul charm to revel in the passionate throes of love.

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It’s your love taking me over,” sing California duo OcnSide in their infectious, exuberant debut single. A dazzling outpouring of warm, fuzzy feelings, “Taking Me Over” harnesses rock/soul charm in reveling in the passionate throes of love.

Tell me all you ever wanted
Tell me all you ever dream
Tell me would I be a fool
To try and give you everything
Cause I can’t see me without you
Now that I know what I have
There’s nothing I can do
that’s ever going to change that
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering OcnSide’s debut single “Taking Me Over,” an emphatically sweet and heartfelt ode to intimacy and connection. Consisting of David Dennis and Tony Aguiar (formerly of LA band Voxhaul Broadcast), OcnSide is so much more than fresh-faced start. Taking inspiration and influence from soul, vintage R&B, rock, and gospel, the band’s music is aglow with good-time vibes that beg for repeat listens.

Taking Me Over - OcnSide
Taking Me Over – OcnSide

Introducing themselves through “Taking Me Over,” OcnSide ushers in an era of cheer, emotional embrace, and unrelenting passion for both its founding members, as well as its audience. The song’s simple, emphatic, and uninhibited chorus feels straight out of the ’60s with its memorable repetition and effervescent radiance:

It’s your love taking me over
Keep falling further and further
It’s your love taking me over
It’s your love taking me over
Hear the birds singing over my shoulder
It’s your love taking me over

“The song is really just about love,” Tony Aguiar tells Atwood Magazine. “That all-encompassing and powerful feeling that love gives. Once you find it, you never want to let go and you never want it to end. You just let it take you over.” It’s true: Love is a force like no other, an emotional wave you want to ride forever. To be in love is to feel like you’ve found your purpose in life; to walk with the confidence in knowing you understand why you’re on this Earth – that your existence has meaning on account of its intricate, intimate connection to another.

I just want to laugh, and never have to cry, and I just want to live like we’re never ever gonna die,” we hear in the second verse. The band take care to craft lyrics that apply to almost any relationship, making sure to be inclusive and inviting for all to bask in their song’s glow.

OcnSide truly capture love’s euphoria in the breakdown.

And I just drift away
With star dust in my veins
When I’m with you
The universe can wait
And I might be insane
To carry on that way
What if you and I met just to be together forever?

Revelling in love’s sweet embrace, “Taking Me Over” is the heated summer gumdrop we’ve been waiting for. OcnSide’s debut is memorable and timeless, the perfect entrance for a duo we’ll be paying close attention to from here on out! Stream “Taking Me Over” exclusively on Atwood Magazine.

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Taking Me Over - OcnSide

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