Premiere: The Charm, Charge, & Churn of Sean Marshall’s “Glucose”

Sean Marshall © 2022
Sean Marshall © 2022
Columbus, Ohio-based singer/songwriter Sean Marshall captures the magic and wonder of artistry in his song “Glucose,” a radiant, rollicking indie rocker full of charm, charge, and churn
Stream: “Glucose” – Sean Marshall

What moves an artist to create? That force that fuels and compels us to action, demanding attention and pushing us to our limits? Inspiration hits differently for every person, but that inner drive is universal. Ohio-based singer/songwriter Sean Marshall captures the magic and wonder of artistry in his song “Glucose,” a radiant, rollicking indie rocker full of charm, charge, and churn.

Past Life View - Sean Marshall
Past Life View – Sean Marshall
Behind my eyes are good things
And ice cold blood in my veins
Seeking validation of all the fear I ring
The cuckoo clock is ticking just the same
But when I die I want memories with my name
Jackie Robinson and the Babe
But the insects will find my body lame
Gnaw at the glucose in my veins
Skin will be red, but my heart will be tame

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Glucose,” the latest release off Sean Marshall’s forthcoming third album, Past Life View (out September 16 in collaboration with Space Canoe Records, an independent record label in Columbus, Ohio). Active for the past five years, Marshall is a NY-born, NJ-bred folk and rock-inclined singer/songwriter now calling the Mountain West his home. His precious albums – 2017’s New and 2019’s Practical – reveal a constant desire to meld warm melodies with intimate intent, and whether he’s spilling his soul in a softer moment of balladry or riding an anthemic high, Marshall tackles his music with undeniable, unassailable passion and heart.

If you don’t laugh, I won’t take it the wrong way
Can’t remember when I could look you in the face
Years between start to sing
As the oak tree gets covered in that sappy paste
It banishes the lark from his chosen place
Makes me think there’s no one you could ever save
You spread darkness like a firehose. Once you spray,
Nowhere that shit goes, at least they say
No destination in my mind
For my worn out heels to find
Sean Marshall © 2022
Sean Marshall © 2022

His latest releases are some of his most raw, vulnerable, and cathartic works to date.

“‘Glucose’ was my first foray into capturing a different sound and feeling in the studio; something more personal,” Marshall tells Atwood Magazine. “I wanted to express the joy and love that drives the lyrical struggle of the song: our effort to make our lives have a positive impact on others. And the saxophone is what really delivers that feeling for me on this track. As soon as Terry (Terrence Charles, saxophonist) started playing in the studio, I felt this huge release. I got teary-eyed, actually. That instrument rises out of the mix and puts a golden sheen on the whole song. And that’s the point. I still feel so grateful listening back to it, and I guess that’s how I want the listeners to feel, too: Grateful. Joyful.”

Click through the channels while I’m on my break
Been working too hard, spinning wheels til they take
Lust from my eyes and color from my face
Not sure what I need: friend, woman, or grace?
All the walls inside move like a maze
Tricks from years ago start to fade
And I will find a trail one day
A tree will part its branch to say
Visions of ease
It won’t be a dream

The “Glucose” video brings us up close and personal with Marshall and his band, allowing audiences a chance to experience their chemistry firsthand while Marshall captures the weight – and the magic – of the creative spirit. “And I will find a trail one day,” he sings toward the song’s end, his grisly, hearty voice resonating heavy and free. “… a tree will part its branch to say, visions of ease, it won’t be a dream.

A country-tinged indie rocker with substance and soul, “Glucose” is a sweet rush ready for all ears. Stream Sean Marshall’s new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Stream: “Glucose” – Sean Marshall

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Past Life View - Sean Marshall

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