Today’s Song: “Begging” – Lions Head

There’s something deeply hypnotizing about “Begging,” and it would seem I’m not alone in this judgment: I’ve watched the number of plays on Lions Head’s debut song jump from 1,000 to over 60,000 in the past three weeks. What is it about this song that’s making it such an overnightmonth sensation?


Lions Head is the American/German collaboration between singer-songwriter Ignacio (“Iggy”) and producer Filip. Each man has his own musical history, but now they’re crafting catchy songs together out of Berlin. They released “Begging” as their first track on SoundCloud in late February, and the internet’s response has been nothing but positive.


Clocking in at an easy 3 minutes and 1 second, “Begging” is a tight, well-orchestrated indie/folk mix. The hypnosis begins at the start, with the entrance of a warm finger-picked guitar line accompanied by a percussive beat consisting of drums and claps. Iggy’s tenor is laid back and inviting, and fits perfectly into the instrumental blend. His first lines are vague enough to allow for plenty of interpretation:

The time is right, where we’re far enough from home
You fired blanks, but there’s bullets in your bones
When I woke up, I heard you singing songs
Yeah, you were right – you knew it all along

Listen: “Begging” – Lions Head

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An earworm chorus follows, and there’s something about the harmony and depth of those “whoa”s that leaves the listener spellbound and wanting more. Filip’s flawless production enables the song to breath, develop and grow, such that when one hears that final “whoa” at the three minute mark, one can’t help but to replay the track.

But what makes “Begging” so enchanting?

There’s a lingering darkness hovering over “Begging” – a subtle, yet palpable sadness that’s present as much in the song’s content as it is in the music. “Begging” delicately pulls on heart strings as Lions Head capture the feelings, rather than the facts involved in a relationship’s breakdown: The metaphorical ‘bullets’ of words cutting deep below the skin and the unsettling discomfort of not feeling properly “at home” are universal in their symbolism, and the compounded experience of begging for another’s forgiveness is easily understandable and for many, just as easily relatable.

The lights go out when everybody’s home
Craving love, but we need time to grow

Lions Head have successfully combined folk/singer-songwriter elements with electronic production technique to create a special song that is as catchy as it is captivating. Come get lost in this new act’s debut track, and stay tuned for more from the Lions Head to come!


About the band, from the band:

Lions Head is a collaboration between Ignacio (singer/songwriter) and Philip (producer). Ignacio being from New York and Philip from Berlin, the two met five months ago and have been working on their debut album ever since.  How did they meet! Was it luck, serendipity, fate, chance, nothing of the sort? Unfortunately or rather honestly, we don’t care enough to write some fluffy bs bio, things have just begun..


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