Today’s Song: Wallows Spin the Soundtrack to Restless Youth on “Just Like a Movie”

Wallows Approved Press Photo #8
Wallows Approved Press Photo #8
With “Just Like a Movie,” Wallows unleash a dreamy shoegaze-inspired track that proves they are ready to revitalize the genre for a new generation.
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Listen: “Just Like a Movie” – Wallows

Since debuting with a handful of self-produced tracks in 2017, Wallows has steadily swept young fans into a frenzy, spanning across genres and eras with ease. Their first LP, Nothing Matters, is a brilliant introduction into the mindset of a modern-day twenty-something. Through their 80s influenced sound, Wallows deftly create their own sonic universe, combining post-punk and synth-pop influences with a down-to-earth DIY sound. Nothing Matters was a profound debut that solidified Wallows’ place in the alternative canon and proved the Los Angeles trio lived up to their waves of online hype.

Wallows – Trust Fall/Just Like a Movie

Now, Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minnette, and Cole Preston are back with a stunning double release to follow up on one of Atwood Magazine’s favorite albums of the year (so far). “Trust Fall” and “Just Like a Movie” are finally available to stream after first appearing as the trio’s Record Store Day 2019 exclusive. The two songs fit effortlessly together, built on a theme of chaotic adolescent love. On “Just Like a Movie,” Wallows spin the perfect soundtrack to those last few magical moments of summer, when being young and in love makes you feel invincible.

Well I don’t know how anyone could wait
The weekend’s up, they’re trying to relate
Pointless conversations, people we don’t know
If you agree then I think it’s time to go
I’m freaking out as people start to stare
Can’t get away from this song anywhere
Can you hear me?
Don’t pick up your phone
Is there a world where we can be alone?

Speaking about the two new tracks, Wallows said, “’Trust Fall’ and ‘Just Like A Movie’ are two songs that we recorded during the sessions for ‘Nothing Happens’. When we were coming up with the tracklist for the album, we felt like these songs fit together in their own unique way and started to think of them as a pair that could exist on their own as singles.”

Sneaking out, I’ll try to meet you there
White lights, now we’re running down the stairs
Everybody’s wasted, throwing away their lives
It’s all the same ’cause no one ever tries
Through all the sounds that we’re laying on the ground
Don’t ever care and the rest is hidden now
How can it be that we are just the same?
Or can it be that, can it be that?

Though “Just Like a Movie” didn’t make the album cut, it’s anything but a throwaway bonus b-side. There’s a distinct sense of purpose and drive that follows through each Wallows song, but these two tracks stand strongly alone. Lemasters told Coup de Main earlier this summer, “I kind of like how they live in their own world. It feels nice that they’re not just getting lost on the album.” Young creatives brimming with a starry-eyed passion and definitive identity, Wallows bring an undeniable freedom to their work. These three are just like any other young person you know: desperate to explore and find their place in the world without losing themselves along the way. They’re headstrong and thoughtfully wear their hearts on their sleeves, not willing to sacrifice what they believe just to make themselves more palatable to the industry.

Wallows © Alexis Jade Gross

I don’t wanna wait, not anymore
Well, you see right through me
I don’t wanna wait, not anymore
Do you see straight through them?
I don’t wanna wait, not anymore
Well, you see right through me
I don’t wanna wait, not anymore

In the beginning, Wallows seemed to be a flash in the pan whose success could be attributed to a concurrently popular Netflix series and an ever-changing culture of online fandom. But the numbers don’t lie. With 366k YouTube subscribers and over 3 million monthly Spotify streams, Wallows have demonstrated that they are truly something special. “Just Like a Movie” is the perfect end of summer anthem, a dreamy shoegaze-inspired track that proves Wallows are ready to revitalize the genre for a new generation.

And now I see, you see right through me
And now it’s real, just like a movie
And now I see, you see right through me
And now it’s real, just like a movie
Listen: “Just Like a Movie” – Wallows

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Wallows Leave Behind Their Innocence without Losing Themselves


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