Today’s Song: Flamingosis Creates a Space of Sunshine With “Daymaker”

Flamingosis © Dani Brandwein
Flamingosis © Dani Brandwein
With his signature electronic and funk sound, Flamingosis dazzles with “Daymaker,” bringing a sunlit escape from these winter blues.
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Listen: “Daymaker” – Flamingosis

With winter comes can inevitable darkness – the sun no longer adorning the sky with its rays and now reduced to ephemeral periods of intermittent flashes. The warmth this winter, however, is not entirely gone, something Flamingosis has personally seen to. “Daymaker” brings with it a glow that will turn any winter evening into a sun-soaked paradise of unfettered joy as the funk melodies carry listeners into an escape beyond their own limits, even if for only three minutes.

Daymaker- Flamingosis

Flamingosis’ Aaron Velasquez has a penchant for creating some of music’s most memorable and danceable tunes; his ability to create onrushes of elation with his electronic productions is a nonpareil talent. “Daymaker” is simply the next step, a continuation of all that is good with Flamingosis, except now even better. With touches of soul, funk, and a groove that will leave listeners hard-pressed not to be intoxicated by, the song is the perfect send-off for 2020 – a joy-laced experience that doesn’t allow for the endless stress of this tiring year to win.

Audio clips for Velasquez’ father starts the sun-lit journey as electronics soon swoop in to uplift each soul listening. And it works. Each note hit further proves the track’s artistry – a relentless flurry of fervent playing that never fails to keep the spirited momentum alive. Near the halfway point, a slew of new production elements enters the mix, gaining a much-deserved spotlight as they further enchant the listening experience. They then coalesce with the melody from before, morphing into an amalgamation of pure bliss, smiles being a guarantee. The cheerful words of Velasquez’ father mark a pleasant end to a much-needed escape, but why stop there? Flamingosis certainly didn’t.

The animation talents of Nick Parente bring a visual element to “Daymaker,” creating a new form of euphoria in which to sink into. It’s a showcasing of beauty – following everything that makes Flamingosis a talent like no other. Viewers are given the lens of a Frisbee (Flamingosis being named after the Frisbee trick of the same name) as it soars above the welkin, passing the majesty that is our world by. Beaches, the ocean, and infectious smiles are everywhere, only adding to the dreamscape to which viewers and listeners alike have escaped to. The perfect complement to a song already teeming with personality and warmth.

With the East Coast currently being bombarded with snowstorms, it seems now is the perfect time for a bit of a reprieve, something “Daymaker” provides with an illuminated passion. Flamingosis never ceases to create glee, and through the charm that “Daymaker” carries, entering into 2021 has never felt so bright.

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Listen: “Daymaker” – Flamingosis

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