Premiere: Juletta + Ishan Trust Their Instincts on New Single “Gut Feeling” Off Joint Album, ‘If I Never Hit Land’

Juletta and Ishan © Alison Dias
Juletta and Ishan © Alison Dias
In a brilliant collaboration project, New York-based artists Juletta and Ishan join forces on their latest alt-R&B single, “Gut Feeling.”
Listen: “Gut Feeling” – Juletta + Ishan
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There’s always magic that exists when musical collaboration is at its best, and for Juletta and Ishan, that magic is apparent. The two New York-based artists create music described as the balance between “intimacy and expense.” Juletta’s wonderous vocals paired with Ishan’s skill for production are a match made in heaven and the combo behind their latest single just ahead of the release of their debut joint album.

Gut Feeling – Juletta + Ishan

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Juletta and Ishan’s latest release, “Gut Feeling.” Produced and written entirely by the duo themselves, Juletta and Ishan are two creative visionaries who are ready to take on the music world through sonic honesty and rhythmic captivation. From electronic synths, inventive sound effects, a percussive heartbeat, and Juletta’s dreamy voice, “Gut Feeling,” is a truthful track about expressing your instincts and following intuition travels between pop and alternative R&B sound.

I’ve got some room for you,
I’ve got a mood for you
I’m collecting gut feelings 

Written during the early days of quarantine, Juletta and Ishan both share that the song came together relatively quickly. For Juletta, she wrote the entire song in fifteen minutes. “‘Gut Feeling’ was created true to its name,” the songwriter explains. “I had been making decisions based on my instinct lately, and […] after months of turmoil and feeling out of touch with myself, I wanted to get my hands on the wheel again. It felt good to trust myself.”

Born and raised in Northern California, Juletta was surrounded by music all her life, performing at local restaurants in her hometown and spending summers playing music. After high school, she spent time living in Italy and later moved to New York to study music. “It’s easy to see transformation in retrospect,” she says about her experience, “but you just feel like everything is coming apart while you’re in it.” It was in New York that she met Ishan, where the partnership of his creative force and her vibrant songwriting spearheaded the foundations of their upcoming album If I Never Hit Land. 

I wanted to illustrate the momentary freedom that comes from acting on your gut feeling.

– Juletta

For Ishan, the song came as quickly to him as it did to his songwriting partner. “It happened during the early days of quarantine. Juletta and I were visiting my parents at the time, and while we were recording in my bedroom, we made this impromptu dance party,” he reveals.

Growing up, Ishan was surrounded by a household that loved music influenced by Bollywood and Disco, but his sights as a child were set on a different path. “As a kid, I thought I was going to be either a magician or a paleontologist,” he shares, “but no one ever expected me to go into music, least of all me.” After moving to New York City in 2015, it only took three years for his path to cross with Juletta. His experience making homemade mixtapes brought out a passion in him for production. Soon after, the duo released their folk-pop EP, “Wild Nature” – a collection of songs that explore growth, pain, relationships, forgiveness, self-discovery, and higher powers – that helped to establish their eccentric sound when fusing both artists’ talents together.

Blending folk and house music, bringing something new to what the great musicians of the past have achieved, and manipulating voice to create a hybrid between human and machine […] Once I started producing, I basically couldn’t stop.

– Ishan

While the music industry was brought to a standstill this year, it didn’t stop Julett and Ishan from creating more music together. With a talent for capturing life’s fleeting moments into song, lyrics, and art, the duo is a pair to keep an eye on. Their music is timeless, honest, sincere, and true to themselves, as their songs give a window into the perception of each artists’ experiences and views on life.

Juletta + Ishan © Alison Dias
Juletta + Ishan © Alison Dias

“Gut Feeling” is the latest release from Juletta and Ishan, following their most recent singles, “Wildheart,” “Solstice,” and “But Judi, Everything Changes,” all tracks off the pair’s debut joint album, If I Never Hit Land. The album joins together both artists’ fortes, Ishan’s captivating production and Juletta’s skill for songwriting, inspired by the stories of women that Juletta has interviewed, learned from, and been moved by over the course of the past year.

“This album is my account and my experience of the memories, the tears shed, the echoing thoughts and the complexities from 30 interviews with women from the city,” shares Juletta. “And within those stories is a story of my own.” With an ear for perfected sound, gently mixed effects, and composition derived from across the entire musical spectrum, it is also Ishan’s talent that helps Juletta sing these stories to life. “Working with Juletta was like letting me loose on a playground. The beauty of her voice and her openness to my experimentation allowed me to grapple with ideas that had possessed my mind as a producer, but that I’d never had the chance to fully explore,” he says. “To me, this album is this sort of balancing act, not only sonically, but in spirit.”

Juletta and Ishan’s debut album, If I Never Hit Land is set for release on October 16, 2020, but until then you can visit the duo’s interactive website to hear previews of their upcoming songs and learn more about their artistic stories. Stream “Gut Feeling” exclusively today only on Atwood Magazine!

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Listen: “Gut Feeling” – Juletta, Ishan
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