Live Review: Lizzy McAlpine Brings ‘Older’ to Life at The Greek Theatre in LA

Lizzy McAlpine © Deanie Chen
Lizzy McAlpine © Deanie Chen
Lizzy McAlpine’s ‘Older’ show presents music in its truest form, highlighting the singer/songwriter’s genuine craft and artistry through an unforgettably cathartic and magical concert experience.
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We couldn’t recommend a live show more than Lizzy McAlpine’s Older tour.

This is music in its purest form coming from some of the most talented musicians we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing, with its greatest talent at the center, Lizzy McAlpine. In the never-ending sea of 2024’s summer shows and festivals, the Older tour is a fleeting enigma and if you have the means to be present in this magic, we implore you to take it.

Lizzy McAlpine's third album 'Older' is out April 5, 2024 via RCA Records. “To me, this album represents who I’ve become over the past three years,” she says.
Lizzy McAlpine’s third studio album, ‘Older,’ released April 2024

It was just last year when we had the pleasure of attending the ‘End of the Movie’ Tour. We were blown away by McAlpine’s effortless vocals. Our biggest takeaway was that her talent rivals some of the greatest who have ever done it, not only in the vocal department, but in the song writing department as well. She was mesmerizing.

The Older Tour has done something we didn’t think possible: It elevates the Lizzy McAlpine concert experience 10-fold. One thing is exponentially clear about McAlpine; she is 100%, completely and entirely focused on the music. This is something that is easy to lose sight of on the way up. We see it all the time. If anything, McAlpine’s rise to the top has only made her pull back and focus more on what actually matters rather than the noise surrounding it.

Her genuine craft and steadfast dedication to staying true to the music has allowed for, truly, one of the best live experiences we have ever seen. The Older Tour encapsulates Atwood’s tagline; if you will, it’s all for the love of music.

For the Older tour, she’s surrounded herself with equal talent: A 7-piece band with no backing or click tracks. This show is as real as it gets.

A Review of Lizzy McAlpine's 'Older'


A dimly lit stage mimicking a cozy living room against the backdrop of the iconic Greek Theater in Los Angeles sets the scene for the next hour and a half that is the Older show.

Michael Libarmento, Remy Morritt, Ryan Ritcher, Tyler Nuffer, Mason Stoops and Taylor Mackall, the musicians who helped McAlpine build the Older album, enter the stage. They immediately begin to play, easing us in and building powerful anticipation for the star to grace the stage. It’s obvious within the first 30 seconds that they are a different caliber of musicians. The intro spurs magic into the air. The audience is in awe. When Lizzy McAlpine enters the stage, we explode.

Aptly, she begins with a soft and beautiful rendition of “Elevator.” The band settles into an outro that deliciously leads us into a song that is begged to be heard live “Come Down Soon.”

The show follows the A-side of the Older album by flowing flawlessly into “Like It Tends to Do” and then “Movie Star.” McAlpine sits with immense focus and immerses herself into these songs for the audience. When her delicate and precise voice begins with these songs, we have no choice but to listen intently. It’s almost as if she and the band have cast a spell over us. You don’t want to scream over them because they are too good not to fully take in.

Lizzy McAlpine © Deanie Chen
Lizzy McAlpine © Deanie Chen

The softer songs fade as the band launches into “All Falls Down.” The hypnotic listening portion of the show from before fades away as the crowd joins in to sing this song that’s a favorite of ours from the album.

The music fades to only pianist Taylor Mackall. His piano playing almost seems effortless. It’s as if he doesn’t have to think, he’s merely feeling. The solo is melancholy with a touch of hope that serves up McAlpine’s vocals and first gut-punching line to “Staying” perfectly,

Whisper to me baby
I’m too far gone to care 

This moment was a highlight for us. Next came fan favorite “I Guess” which was accompanied by the choirs of the crowd. McAlpine smiles as she no doubt recalls the melody of the outro she’s taught audiences of the past. A new rendition of “Doomsday” comes next and the crowd involvement escalates further. “Doomsday” under the control of the band is a version I wish I could listen to on repeat.

McAlpine then walks over to the piano for “Drunk, Running.” As soon as the first piano chords hit, the crowd goes wild. She goes back to center stage for a powerful “Broken Glass.” The band exits the stage leaving just McAlpine and Mackall on the piano. They delicately dance into a gorgeous cover of; “When She Loved Me.”

Mason Stoops re-enters the stage. There is something powerful about this trio on stage as they were the powerhouse that created the album together. Stoops hypnotizes us with a crisp and beautiful guitar solo leading into a haunting version of “You Forced Me To.” The three of them continue on to perhaps the most special moment of the show. McAlpine sings a perfect “Older.” She runs up and down the octave with riffs so good they even surprise her.

Lizzy McAlpine © Deanie Chen
Lizzy McAlpine © Deanie Chen

The band re-enters for “Better than this” followed by a performance of “March” and “Chemtrails” that is so stunning it’s tear inducing. She closes with the unreleased “Force of Nature” and album finisher “Vortex” leaving the audience breathless.

An encore inevitably ensues. McAlpine re-enters and launches into a five seconds flat fan-favorite “Firearm,” followed by “ceilings” under the tutelage of the band to close out the evening.

McAlpine and the band created magic with this show. It is what music is supposed to be. It is an experience that truthfully is hard to write about because you have to witness it to believe it. Go to this show, relearn what music is all about. You won’t regret it.

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Lizzy McAlpine's third album 'Older' is out April 5, 2024 via RCA Records. “To me, this album represents who I’ve become over the past three years,” she says.

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