Meet Our Writers: Nashville’s Lilly Eason!

Lilly Eason © Maria Mattingly
Lilly Eason © Maria Mattingly
Get to know Atwood Magazine‘s writers in our special column where they become the interviewees, sharing their personal playlists and talking about their experiences covering music!

Nashville-based writer Lilly Eason’s love for music began with the Marie Antoinette movie soundtrack, elementary school orchestra, and her dad’s mixed CDs. Since, she’s had the privilege to combine her love for writing with her fascination for music and the people who create it.
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Meet Our Writers: Lilly Eason!

Lilly Eason © Maria Mattingly

Where are you from and where are you based?

Lilly Eason: I grew up in Connecticut but moved to Nashville during high school and’ve been in Nash since graduating university.

How did you get into music writing?

Lilly Eason: My junior year of college, one of my friends was editor-in-chief of our student newspaper and encouraged me to write the “Artist of the Week” column one week. I ended up writing it a few more times and found myself really only wanting to write about musicians. The next year I started pitching to publications outside of school and ended up getting an op-ed idea picked up by Atwood. Thanks to our patron saint Mitch Mosk, I’ve been girlbossing ever since.

Who was your very first concert, and who have you seen most recently?

Lilly Eason: I was in utero for a Rolling Stones concert, so I’m gonna say that was my first (thanks mom <3). And most recently I saw Quarters of Change, who ripped a sold-out show on a Monday. That says a lot about a band.

Lilly Eason © Maria Mattingly
Lilly Eason © Maria Mattingly

Who are two or three of your favorite up-and-coming artists right now?

Lilly Eason: One’s definitely been Palace, I’ve liked from So Long Forever for a while and their new single’s really good. One of my friends is also a fan of theirs and if they ever come on in our shared presence one of us will eventually, without fail, start the “I fucking love Palace” echo chamber.

The Nude Party has also been a recent favorite, no music has ever made me want to be a cowboy so bad.

And I don’t know if you’d consider them “up and coming” at this point, but Wolf Alice has been on repeat recently. They explore so many different styles while always staying really consistent in their energy and sonic landscape, their range (and Ellie Roswell’s vocal range in particular) is amazing.

And outside of that it’s just Arctic Monkeys and Strokes on repeat.

What’s something you’ve learned from working as a music journalist?

Lilly Eason: I always ask the same question at the end of interviews; what do you hope to achieve? I think you can tell a lot about someone from their goals. Sometimes there’s the tangible goal, an award they want to win or a gig they want to play. Sometimes it’s the hope for longevity, to keep making music for as long as they can. But consistently, the goal is usually connectivity, to share art with others. Whether it’s to bring joy, understanding, admiration, sympathy, power, what have you, I’ve learned that music seeks company.

What’re your favorite moments covering music? Can be from interviews, reviews, in-person events/shows, anything.

Lilly Eason: I got a piece of hate mail after my first piece with Atwood and I felt like I’d made it.

To be fair, she did point out an actual factual error, so thank you to this woman for teaching me to double-check my research.

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by Lilly Eason

If you could ask one question to any artist or band, who would it be and what would you ask?

Lilly Eason: I’d ask Alex Turner what “My Propeller” is about.

What are you most looking forward to this year, music-wise?

Lilly Eason: I feel like my favorite music has always shown up unexpectedly but at just the right time. Like as I write this, I’m falling into Girls’ The Album after borrowing it from my sister’s record basket a few months ago. So I’m just looking forward to whatever comes my way.

And also Hozier’s new album, ’cause duh.

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