Video Premiere: PHANGS Seeks Elusive Lust in “Always Been U”

It’s no secret that Nashville’s PHANGS has become somewhat of a sensation over the past few months. He has definitively cemented himself within indie pop — and, particularly, Nashville indie pop — as a tour de force in fresh technicality and narrative lyricism. His songs are simultaneously evocative and catchy, and don’t simply fall into typical pop jargon. PHANGS has carved out a unique musical niche for himself, and it is one that he can easily capitalize on.

Throughout Atwood Magazine’s relationship with PHANGS, we have been lucky enough to have been the first ones to introduce him to the world last summer, premiere two tracks and a stripped-down video, and offer a “this just in” piece. It’s safe to say that we here at Atwood Magazine love everything that PHANGS has done thus far. With all that said and done, too, we are now proud to be premiering the official music video for PHANGS’ latest single, “Always Been U” (ft. R.LUM.R).

Watch: “Always Been U” – PHANGS

This video is a representation of what goes on in my head all the time as an emotional introvert,” PHANGS elucidates.

The sensory video itself finds PHANGS at a party, captivated by a woman who’s just arrived (played by his real-life girlfriend, Hope). He searches endlessly for her throughout the night, hoping to steal just a moment with her. Time stands still as he moves through the crowd in search of this mystery woman; partygoers fade into obscurity around him. She is a dream personified, but remains, however, elusive as ever.

The lyrics of “Always Been U” feel pointed when coupled with the visual story; “there’s no guarantee.” PHANGS remains hyper-aware as ever in the track, and the accompanying visual directly reflects that. He is swimming through a sea of sounds and sights — and probably some body sweat, too — just to steal a moment with a woman he really knows nothing about.

"Always Been U" - PHANGS & R.LUM.R
“Always Been U” – PHANGS & R.LUM.R

As it progresses, the narrative of the video repeats itself: the same storyline reoccurs, time stands still, the girl is still enigmatic. As the video goes on, however, it shifts in tone and color scheme, becoming more erratic and incorporating PHANGS’ signature blue-and-pink aesthetic. Even the mystery woman has pink hair (this was not intentional for the video — just a happy accident).

The lights flicker between soft pinks and blues until finally reaching R.LUM.R’s bridge in “Always Been U” — which, in the video, feels like every basement house show you’ve ever been to in your 20s. PHANGS joins him at the microphone, adding harmonies where he can. And, finally, after the bridge concludes, the relief comes: PHANGS unites with the woman on the dance floor, where they laugh and flirt together, making everyone and everything else feel irrelevant.

“Always Been U” is a track true to PHANGS signature style, and, since it’s release at the end of April, has already racked up an impressive 200K+ streams on Spotify alone. With his debut album, Get In My Arms, due out on July 28th, and a small string of live show dates to follow, PHANGS will inevitably continue to rise and succeed within the pop world. PHANGS is ready to sink his teeth into the music world — and we should all gladly take a bite.

Stream the official music video for “Always Been U,” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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"Always Been U" artwork - PHANGS

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It's “Always Been U,” PHANGS, and We Know It, Too

by Maggie McHale

“Always Been U” – PHANGS

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