Premiere: Manchester’s Rahh Leaves a Light on in Stunning Single “Home”

Rahh © JC Verona
Rahh © JC Verona
An intimate rendering of the soul, Rahh’s dazzling “Home” stuns with its deep, raw take on distraction and reality, self-worth and societal pressure.
Watch: “Home” – Rahh

Honesty pours out of Rahh’s dazzling new song and music video in confident waves. An intimate rendering of the soul, “Home” stuns with its deep, raw take on distraction and reality, self-worth and societal pressure.

Home - Rahh
Home – Rahh
Give me a drug I need to feel amazing
Give me a face mine is ageing
Give me a kiss my heart is aching
Give me a memory mine is fading now
Give me some cash they keep on taking
Give me a gun the war is engaging now
Give me the reason to keep on hating
Give me some sanity we need saving now

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering for Rahh’s latest song “Home,” released September 6 via Humble Angel Records. Few artists seem so well-polished and confident out of the gate without loads of label money, but Rahh is the real deal: The Manchester artist born Holly Quin Ankrah debuted earlier this year with the song “Into the Dawn,” and has since been slowly carving out a space for herself in the intersection of pop and R&B.

“Home” is Rahh’s fourth single; a complex dive into the human condition, the song reinforces her immeasurable vocal strength while highlighting the full extent of her nuanced lyrical depth.

“’Home’ is one of my favourite songs I’ve written because it’s just so honest,” she explains. “It confronts the things we sometimes do to distract ourselves from feeling what’s real. It nods to vanity, self worth, addiction, social tensions, societal pressures, psychological battles and politics. It’s all in there and is as deep as you want to look, but there’s also a transition of melancholy into hope as the song is really about realising that home is just a place of love and can be anywhere.”

Rahh © JC Verona
Rahh © JC Verona
Leave a light on
Leave a light on
If there’s someone home
Leave a light on
Let is shine on
If there’s someone home
Home Home Home Home

Rahh belts out her chorus, the weight of the world seemingly falling on her shoulders as she searches for a place to feel belonging – a space to feel herself, and call her own. Directed and edited by Harry Lindley with choreography by Josh Wharmby, Rahh’s music video extends the song’s gravity through a dramatic display of dance and individual behavior.

“The lyrics for this song are rooted in powerful themes such as drugs, sex, guns, money, social unrest and love, so it was important to me that the visuals projected the depth of the lyrics,” the artist tells Atwood Magazine. “I had the idea of giving each line of the first verse a different action, and Harry Lindley, the videographer, director and editor, really embraced these ideas and brought them to life.”

Rahh's "Home"
Rahh’s “Home”

Rahh continues, “To give it another layer, I collaborated with an old friend and innovative choreographer Josh Wharmby. We took inspiration from Netflix series The OA for the style of choreography, as we both loved how passionate the movements are in that show, and how ordinary people were performing them. It’s really amazing how everyone’s talent and skills came together to create something so cool.”

Created and executive produced by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, The OA weaves a story of mystery, death and rebirth, captivity, estrangement, and connection together in a fantastical pseudo-reality setting. Netflix recently cancelled the show, which in its first season centered around a special group dance that could unlock boundaries between worlds. Rahh and other dancers’ expansive movements recall the grandiose, powerful movements in the show – only rather than unlocking a new world, they these moves open our eyes to our own reality.

A sunburst of heartwarming energy, “Home” is a vivid reminder that our lives are intricately complex, beautifully ornate, and endlessly wondrous. Watch Rahh’s music video exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from this talent in the months to come!

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Watch: “Home” – Rahh

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Home - Rahh

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