Today’s Song: D-Train Resurges With an Ode to Living in the Present on “Time Has Come Today”

With “Time Has Come Today,” universally renowned songwriter and vocalist D-Train steps forward on his own two feet to honor his illustrious legacy as a musician, all culminating in his one-of-a-kind outlook on life in this moment.
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There’s an undeniable ability that DTrain possesses to tap into our souls.

Whether it’s through his impact on culture by way of working with artists among the likes of Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Cher, Luther Vandross and Mary J. Blige, or his psyche-stirring vocal that awakens an inner-fire in us all, D-Train cuts through the surface and speaks straight to the soul. Barring his own now more than ever, D-Train makes his return with a freshly released single entitled “Time Has Come Today.”

Time Has Come Today - D-Train
Time Has Come Today – D-Train
In my life, so many changes
Feel the current of the wind that rearranges
What I know keeps me going
To a place inside myself where rivers flowing
Throwing caution to the wind because I see
Love is in me!

It’s the first release we’ve seen from D-Train as a standalone artist since 2020 and the sheer strength of the lyrics prove he’s coming back with full force. It’s all love as D-Train reminisces on the turbulent pitfalls and grueling challenges he’s overcome as an artist, knowing that if not for them, he wouldn’t be the man he is today.

“Time Has Come Today” is a confluence of time. D-Train’s past, present, and future collide in the serendipity of a single moment. Showing new levels of intimacy for D-Train as a songwriter, the single reflects on everything he’s endured to make it to this point. In turn, it’s a beacon of inspiration for listeners who feel stuck in their ways. D-Train reminds us that it’s never too late to turn things around and that each moment Is a gift.

It’s my life, it’s my time
It’s my moment left to shine
No more fears
No regrets about my yesterday
I am strong, it’s my song
Time to let you know
Time has come today.

The single is packed to the brim with harmonic crescendos of piano, metamorphic notes of bass, and profound vocals that command the track. The sensational sonics lean into the impactful nature of the thematics at play, pulling listeners even deeper toward the heart of the song. What lies at its center to be unearthed is a journey of self-discovery.


“Time Has Come Today” is a powerfully unique listening experience that draws to mind memories from each respective soul’s journey. It meets us at our own moment and feels like we’re right there with D-Train, taking one bold step toward the future.

Marvin used to say what’s going on?
To find a better way you must be strong
I still hear his words
With certainty, I can make that change
Love is in me!

D-Train is using his voice to empower the world. Noting on the violence and war that he’s witnessed throughout his life, he assures us that love is always the answer. Looking back on the former versions of himself through the rose-tinted lens of retrospection, D-Train can’t help but smile for the great destination in the distance that he’s now reached with “Time Has Come Today.”

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Stream: “Time Has Come Today” – D-Train

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Time Has Come Today - D-Train

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