Premiere: Annie O’Malley’s Soothing & Cinematic “Golden Doves”

Annie O'Malley © Arielle Vey
Annie O'Malley © Arielle Vey
Annie O’Malley’s “Golden Doves” is a soothing breath of fresh, calm air inviting us to take a step back, close our eyes, and slow down.
Stream: “Golden Doves” – Annie O’Malley

It’s January 27th and already 2020 feels rather overwhelming, doesn’t it? Between political turmoil at home and abroad, to the devastating fires in Australia, to the tragedies that seem to be becoming commonplace, the news feels numbing. If you’re one of the many who feels overwhelmed by these global stories, or by what’s been going on in your first three weeks of the year, then Annie O’Malley’s new song is for you: Out this Friday, “Golden Doves” is a soothing breath of fresh, calm air inviting us to take a step back, close our eyes, and slow down.

golden - annie o'malley
golden – annie o’malley
breathe me out when i breathe you in
warmest sun and the winds blowin
give me peace from a world of insecurities
hold my hand lay down my body
waves crash on the sand in my head

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Golden Doves,” the latest single from Chicago-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Annie O’Malley. Having debuted two years ago with the song “Chase Me Down” and released the songs “Island” and “Planet Golden” over the past year, O’Malley continues show new sides to her growing artistry on her fourth overall release and first song of 2020. Working with producer Johnny K (Plain White T’s), the nineteen-year-old artist centers her heartwarming pop sound around achingly sweet, moody vocals full of emotional tenion.

“I’m as honest and real as possible,” she says in her bio. “I’m like anybody listening to me. I feel just as deeply as you do: I get upset, I’m not happy all the time, I make mistakes, and I can be angry. I create intense songs, because I love to watch real emotions. Friends will come over upset, so I’ll write them songs to feel better. For me, music is about making other people happy.”

O’Malley certainly brings this yearning to life in “Golden Doves,” an intimate attempt to stop the swirl of noise and be fully in-the-moment. Her words are full of compassion as the chorus slowly leaves her lips:

cold blurry eyes at the moon
lookin for a piece of me and you
heavy to the touch
little light can be enough
lips like the golden doves

“I wrote this song in the efforts to help the listeners relax,” O’Malley tells Atwood Magazine. “Whether that’s when they are falling asleep or while they are extremely anxious or upset. It’s a song you really have to pay attention to: It’s 3 minutes and 50 seconds to breathe.”

A warm, hypnotically easy listen, “Golden Doves” succeeds at relaxing us and taking listeners away from the doldrums, if even for just a few minutes. The dreamy, vibing song and its accompanying music video radiate a rejuvenating serenity that all of us deserve to feel, at least every now and then. Stream Annie O’Malley’s “Golden Doves” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more music from this young midwestern up-and-comer!

Stream: “Golden Doves” – Annie O’Malley

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golden - annie o'malley

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