Today’s Song: Faye Enchants on Her Devastatingly Beautiful New Single “Heat”

Delving into the issues of faltering confidence, Faye has created an evocative listening experience with “Heat” that will pair nicely with the cold winter months ahead.
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Is it better to remain in the plains of safety, despite the pain it may bring, or walk into unexplored territories, not knowing what will become of it? For the many individuals who struggle with issues of self-esteem, this risk-reward scenario is a common blight, one that affects even the simple act of speaking. For newcomer artist Faye, silence brings security, but at what cost? She is laden with thoughts to share, but her voice escapes her. Her method of overcoming this fear? Music, and her latest single “Heat” brings light to the issue she faces with a fervor and passion that provides a much-needed warmth to this chilly start of 2020.

Heat – Faye
I wish it were easier to be myself
I wish I could talk about what’s on my mind
Without having to apologize all the time

Australian-based singer-songwriter Faye Bordewin has a relatively small space in the music sphere, but that small space houses grand melodies of impassioned singing and playing that will leave listeners hard-pressed not to be in awe. Having only released a handful of singles since 2018 as her artist name Faye, there is still much to discover from the artist, but what is already there is more than enough to tide one over. Her song “Heat” being one that can follow the ears for weeks without so much as a dull moment.

I’ve got things to say, you know
But I’m just too scared
When you ask I just say no
Just in case you don’t care

The track begins with little room for interpretation, Faye singing “I wish I were easier to be myself.” As the theme cements itself, simple yet powerful piano melodies adorn the song as Bordewin continues on her personal venture of confidence and her struggles with finding it. Her vocals immediately stand out, possessing a celestial quality to them that elicits an intoxicating aroma that leaves listeners enthralled by its elegance. As she continues with her gorgeous caroling, the piano serves to heighten the overall experience, creating something both somber and beautiful. “I’ve got things to say, you know? But I’m just too scared,” she croons, her battles for an unwavering sense of courage still uphill, but a battle she has yet to give up on.

Feel like the world is coming to an end
Read through my texts 10, 20 times before I hit send
I drink too much on the weekend
Am I a good friend?
I tend to overthink
And I’m always scared
Then I tend to overdrink
Makes me not care

Though the song may be melancholic, it seldom feels like an anthem of defeat. In a way, the song almost feels like a declaration—a declaration of tenacity from Bordewin that she’s continually working to better herself and grow. As the song begins reaching its finale, a brief, rousing moment takes place as she intones “and I’m left feeling so empty.” The piano then slows and the melody softens, Bordewin’s vocals taking the spotlight. She starts marking an end to her story with the repetition of “just in case you don’t care,” an ending highlighting one of her biggest struggles, done so with an angelic presence that leaves all who listen stunned by her artistry.

Then the heat seeps in
Everything I do feels like a sin
I try to compose myself
But how can be myself
When my thoughts are racing fatally
And I’m left feeling so empty

Faye may not have the largest discography, but what she lacks in quantity she most certainly makes up for in quality. There is a sense of enormity with her music, stemming mostly from her sublime vocals, and “Heat” showcases it with exceptional zeal. There’s no roadmap for her next release, but we’re nonetheless eager to see what 2020 will have in store for Faye.

Listen: “Heat” – Faye 

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