“Honest, Expressive, & Personal”: JJ Wilde Ignites on Radiant & Feverish ‘Wilde’ EP

JJ JJ Wilde © Sandra Lee © Sandra Lee
JJ Wilde © Sandra Lee
A hearty dose of dynamic, feverish, and unapologetic rock, JJ Wilde’s self-titled EP burns with raw passion as the artist lights her own inner fire of empowerment, escape, and resilience.
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The story behind this EP is a mix of things; one of resilience and empowerment, but also just a fun escape for people in a dark time.

Yes, it’s a little cliché to talk about an artist or song “shining a light in the darkness,” but when JJ Wilde’s new EP roars to life with such fierce, blazing energy, what else is there to say? A hearty dose of dynamic, driving rock, the self-titled Wilde EP burns with raw passion as the artist sparks an inner fire of empowerment, escape, and resilience.

WILDE - JJ Wilde
Wilde – JJ Wilde
Lately, I’ve been blowing trees, caught up in the bush weed
I ain’t coming down
Down from a place where I go to getaway
And I never wanna be found
Lately, I’ve been blowing trees, caught up in the bush weed
I ain’t coming down
Down from a place where they recognize my face
I never wanna be found
I’m tired of believin’
I may be a mess but I’m in control
Scared of the feeling (Feeling)
Deeper, the darker, the depths of my soul
– “Bushweed,” JJ Wilde

It’s been a long year, and JJ Wilde’s refreshing vigor and verve are just what we need to make the coming months an unforgettable thrill. Released May 14, 2021 via Black Box Recordings, Wilde arrives just shy of a year after JJ Wilde’s acclaimed debut album Ruthless established the Canadian talent as a true force of nature in the modern rock canon. “Her invigorating record is a refreshing soundtrack to 2020’s fervor and upheaval,” we wrote in Atwood’s album feature. “A very personal album telling her story and speaking to several intensely intimate, coming-of-age experiences, Ruthless gives a vessel to our restlessness and a voice to our frustrations.” Ruthless is nominated for “Rock Album of the Year” at the 2021 Juno Awards, which will air Sunday, June 6.

JJ Wilde © Sandra Lee
JJ Wilde © Sandra Lee

Clearly, her debut was just the start of JJ Wilde’s legacy. Rising and falling through a series of visceral, heated emotions, Wilde finds the rock artist riding high – even when she’s feeling low. “This EP was written and recorded all in the pandemic,” Wilde tells Atwood Magazine. “Writing was a big stress reliever for me during this time. The story behind this EP is a mix of things; one of resilience and empowerment, but also just a fun escape for people in a dark time. My vision going into this record has changed many times over the course of the year. With so many ups and downs, it was hard to keep anything aligned. I think it changed with the roller coaster that this year was, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. I think this EP Wilde captures who I am as a person, another extension of who I am and the way I live my life.”

From the euphoric, celebratory Beatles-inspired “Bushweed” (an impassioned, buoyant ode to smoking weed) to the revolutionary anthem “Best Boy” (in which Wilde tackles social norms and gender prejudices), Wilde delivers twenty action-packed, rip-roaring minutes of riotous, dramatically expressive rock.

“As a whole I think my favourite song off this EP for lyrics is ‘Bushweed’ or ‘Off The Rails’,” Wilde reflects. “Fun, carefree songs that explain a whole different side of my life and song writing. Filming ‘Bushweed’ was a highlight for me. I hadn’t seen my band mates in a long time, and we really just smoked weed and hung out and filmed it. Sounds pretty simple, but just being in the same room laughing with them and having a good time meant everything to me.”

Wilde gives her all to both her music and her lyrics, and while it’s hard to pick a favorite line, she ultimately highlights the chorus of her gut-wrenching power-ballad “Someone Under You.”

“I think the honesty of “Tell me who you’re fucking” is a favourite,” Wilde says, “because most people are too embarrassed or self copious to say those words after a breakup or if they’ve been cheated on, but it’s something everyone thinks about, so I really love the honesty in that.”

Moving backwards through your front door
I don’t look behind
Left your phone out on the nightstand
Do you think I’m blind?
Tell me who you’re fuckin’
And who you’re missing too
You act so high above me
With someone under you
Someone under you
In our bedsheets, in our kitchen
The thought of you and I
Is it better when it’s secret?
When you have to lie

Whether she’s belting, whispering, crooning or crying, JJ Wilde has once again taken our breath away.

Wilde EP’s six songs offer hope and heartache at a time when we need it most. “Bushweed” and “Off the Rails” are wild, good-natured fun with a zing. “Mercy” is as empowering as it is emphatic, uncompromising, and utterly anguished – and “Someone Under You” is hauntingly beautiful. The artist’s unexpected “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” cover with The Glorious Sons’ Brett Emmons showcases her ability to emulate rock titan Tom Petty, while giving a classic her own charismatic spin.

By the time “Best Boy” churns its final furious riff, the only meaningful action we can take is to go back to Wilde’s beginning and start again.

Feels so good going down in flames
Darlin’ take it all, leave no remains
Love is a drug and I’m all fucked up again
Every night, unfamiliar places
Stranger in my bed keeps changing faces
Love is a drug and I’m all fucked up again
You say I got a problem with my heart
Let me buy you a drink at the hotel bar
I’ll let you drive my car
This is my game, if you want to play
You can be my toy, you can be my best boy
I don’t even care, if you play it fair
You can be my toy, you can be my best boy

JJ Wilde © Sandra Lee
JJ Wilde © Sandra Lee

“I hope this gives listeners an escape from the craziness of the world,” the artist says. “I hope it gives listeners another look into my world and how my mind works. Really just making people feel something is the goal. The creation of this record just reaffirmed for me that it’s important to be close and invested in every creative aspect of my work. It makes it all the more personal and feels more like an extension of myself, which is super important to me.”

To hell with it: JJ Wilde has shone a bright light in the darkness, and we’re ready to soak up the sun. Experience the full record via our below stream, and peek inside JJ Wilde’s Wilde EP with Atwood Magazine as the artist goes track-by-track through the music and lyrics of her new EP!

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WILDE - JJ Wilde

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This song is a fun and personal look into a whole different side of myself and song writing. The Beatles sound was an inspiration to this song. It’s about smoking weed, getting lost in it, and the creative aspects that that brings to my life.

Off The Rails

This song in my mind is what would come after Someone Under You, emotionally. You are past the point of being sad, and now want to bring yourself back to life and remember who you are and what that means to you. No apologies, no reservations, just total self empowerment. Something I think everyone could use a little of after a bad split.


Mercy is a very personal song for me. This song was written about an event that happened in my life that changed who I am as a person. It made me grow and face things I never wanted to face. The song itself is about revenge. What you wish you could do to someone who has tried to take your sense of self and security away from you.

Someone Under You

This song is the vulnerable side to a break up that no one likes to talk about. It’s the sadness, anger and fear of being replaced. If you have ever been cheated on, I think the chorus lyrics will resonate. It’s the thoughts that happen right after you split with someone, but your heart hasn’t let go of them yet, even if it wants to.
JJ Wilde © Sandra Lee
JJ Wilde © Sandra Lee

Stop Draggin’ My heart Around

This song is a classic that I was very excited to take on. Both Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty are inspirations to me. We wanted to keep the integrity of the song but shake things up a little bit. I’m very proud of the version we’ve put out. And working with Brett is always great!

Best Boy

This song is all about flipping the standards of society. It started with the societal norms that are unfairly placed on women, what we should wear, what we do with our bodies etc. I’ve been dealing with that all my life, and I’m sick of it. This was about taking that power back, and flipping the narrative. Then once we made the music video, it became more than just about the stereotypes of women but also the unfair pressures people face in general. Whether you’re a man or a woman, or however you identify, you shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are based on what society tells you is “right”. Fuck that, be who you want to be and love who you want to love.

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WILDE - JJ Wilde

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