Review: MisterWives’ ‘Mini Bloom’ EP Is Soul-Filled & Poetically Perfect

MisterWives 2019 © Shervin Lainez
MisterWives 2019 © Shervin Lainez
True to MisterWives fashion, ‘Mini Bloom’ is a reminder that we are not alone, allowing us to feel hope in being lost and low because out of darkness, light will always bloom.
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Turning the page to a new chapter is as bittersweet as the word can be. There is always the sorrow of leaving something behind, but more often than not, the hope of what’s to come overshadows the dread of what will be missed. It’s the peaceful moment of knowing that everything you’ve been through has led you to where you are today, and for that you are grateful. MisterWives bottle this feeling up in their new soul-packed, poetically perfect five-song EP, Mini Bloom.

Mini Bloom – MisterWives

The EP starts bright and hopeful with synth-filled “Coming Up for Air.” A reminder to break out of the things that don’t make you feel like you; the things that don’t make you feel alive. In other words, a reminder to quite literally do as the title suggests. The twists and turns of the horns and melodies paired with Mandy Lee’s crystal clear, cutting vocals make for the feel great MisterWives sound we know and love. Coupled with lyrics that really make you want to live, “Coming Up for Air” is the perfect way to begin the bloom.

I’ve been under for so long thank god that I’m still young.
I’m finally coming up for air.

The energy continues with “Find My Way Home.” Will Hehir’s funky thriller-like bass line pulses throughout each verse along with Lee’s silky-smooth vocals. Lee’s voice shifts from silky to strong as she effortlessly belts the euphoric chorus while Jesse Blum and Mike Murphy add the defining horn layers, making this track one that will have anyone who listens singing and dancing along.

But I keep stumbling until I find, until I find,
find my way home, find my way home
It’s just a memory, how’d it get so far from me,
I find my way home.

Stories” is a special song. It marks the middle of the EP and it feels particularly important to the Mini Bloom era. The song begins with only the keys and Lee; the roots of how most MisterWives songs are born. The lyrics, poetic and piercingly real, pull at the heartstrings.

I try to find heaven whenever it’s hell,
I try to stay in love and do it without your help,
and now I sing myself to sleep in hotels
with lullabies wrapped in lies
and stories I tell myself.

With Sincerity in her voice and simplicity in the music, “Stories” is one to have on repeat as it sinks just a bit deeper with each and every listen.

Watch “The End” – MisterWives

The EP closes with their two latest singles “WhyWhyWhy” and, appropriately, “The End,” which promptly marks the band’s new beginning.

Mini Bloom is an awakening to live your best life. True to MisterWives fashion, it’s a reminder that we are not alone. It allows us to feel hope in being lost and low because out of darkness, light will always bloom.

The band departs on their headlining, nearly sold-out tour, Nov. 12th at Brooklyn Steel. Stream or download the EP, and then watch them bring it to life live!

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Mini Bloom

an EP by MisterWives

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