Podcast: Tunes & Tumblers Introduces Your New Drinking Buddies

Tunes & Tumblers Banner © Pedro Isaac Chairez
Tunes & Tumblers Banner © Pedro Isaac Chairez
Every other week, Anthony Kozlowski pens the Atwood Magazine column Tunes & Tumblers, pairing new and classic albums with cocktail recipes. He quickly found however that drinking alone is a sad business. So he invited his friends Pedro Isaac Chairez and Ryan James into a recording booth to aid in mixing delicious drinks and to discuss the music that they all love. Strap on your headphones and enjoy a cold one on us. 
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On the premiere episode of Tunes & Tumblers, the gang discusses Maggie Rogers’ arresting debut album Heard It in a Past Life and pour a floral twist on a classic cocktail.
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Atwood Magazine’s first podcast deserves a fanfare release – an exclusive, star-studded party filled to bursting with Instagram influencers. Unfortunately, that was a tad outside our budget this time, so instead this will have to suffice: An exclusive preview for you, our dear readers!

What began as the fevered musings of a boy at a computer has become the even more fevered musings of three boys in a recording booth. And what a metamorphosis it’s been for Tunes & Tumblers. For the pilot episode, Pedro, Ryan, and Anthony expand upon the pairing of Maggie Rogers’ Heard It in a Past Life with a Lavender Collins, touching on everything from genre-less music to how carefully-chosen songs can affect a mood. You’ll learn about Ryan’s moonlighting gig as a funeral DJ, Anthony’s thoughts about hitting someone with a Lime scooter, and how Pedro prepares for his DMV photos.

Preparing a quality podcast takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and most importantly time, so don’t be surprised if a few comments are a month or two out of date. At the time of recording, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” had just reached the mainstream, so marvel in Anthony’s complete lack of knowledge about it. But don’t fear, that will change.

Tunes & Tumblers 001:
Maggie Rogers and a Lavender Collins

There are plenty more tunes and just as many tumblers to fill after this. Luckily, our guys have nothing else to do on Saturday, so be prepared for many, many more episodes.

If you like any of the songs discussed, be sure to check them out on the episode playlist below:

Have your own idea for a Tunes & Tumblers pairing? Let us know in the comments, or hit Anthony up on Twitter.

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