Video Premiere: Nadia Kazmi’s Intimately Dark “Like a Cat”

Nadia Kazmi © Krisanne Johnson
Nadia Kazmi © Krisanne Johnson

Cats may have nine lives, but they’re not invincible: Their time does come eventually, despite a plethora of second chances. Thus, when we liken ourselves to cats, we’re not just describing a solo demeanor with a spiffy attitude; we’re observing our fallability, our faults and failings, and the inevitability that things will, in due time, come crashing down.

I may be reading far too deeply into Nadia Kazmi’s new music video, but such is the powerful raw emotion of her song “Like a Cat,” an intensely pained and enthralling self-reflection.

Been sleeping like a cat in the afternoon
with my belly up to the sun
Trying to dry me up
And waking like a ghost in the night
And I don’t even know why
Must be the booze, and the drugs
and the heartache, I can’t seem to shake…
Watch: “Like a Cat” – Nadia Kazmi

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Like a Cat,” the third single off Nadia Kazmi’s third album, Gold into Dust (released May 12, 2017). What stands out most about Kazmi is her furious authenticity: “Gold Into Dust is raucous, bold and untethered as the artist captures a range of raw, unforgiving indie rock emotion,” we noted in last year’s album premiere. Emotionally pained but full of warmth, “Like a Cat” highlights the best aspects of Kazmi’s art; directed by Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel, the music video takes the song to a newly intimate level.

Thematically, the song is “as autobiographical as it is metaphorical,” and its vividly dark video emphasizes both aspects. “The music video helped to capture the life of a musician which feels nocturnal and strange at times,” Kazmi states. “Distant and disconnected from what most of the rest of the world is doing and how they live. It’s a strange feeling, and societal norms make you question that choice constantly. It’s an alternate reality, like being a night stalker…or a cat. The blue and red lights with the dark shots drive the video and the point of the song well.”

Nadia Kazmi's 'Gold Into Dust' Embraces Raw Reflection & New Dreams

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“Like a Cat” offers some of Kazmi’s most powerful and imaginative poetry as she wails like Cold War Kids, howling her personal story while depicted in darkly cinematic situations. She’s alone with her thoughts, unleashing her soul to the world – and it works so well. Watching her video, one can’t help but want Kazmi to see her story through, and make the most of all she’s got.

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