Premiere: Hope & Desire in Holy Golden’s Dream-Chasing “The Movie”

If I had to break, would you find me?

We are all the stars of our own movie – the center of a unique universe that is completely and totally ours alone. But we’re not alone; we share our lives with others, intertwining perspectives, histories, memories and dreams with our fellow human beings – friends, family, loved ones, and more. Holy Golden’s dreamy new single “The Movie” captures the many dimensions to our desires, and the interplay of internal and external forces on those thoughts and feelings.

Free me I’ve got to have you all the time
find me I’ve got to have you in my life
Mountains will save me from the ground
When all the world I know is going down
I, I’ll feel so alive
Listen & Watch: “The Movie” – Holy Golden
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “The Movie,” the first single off Holy Golden’s upcoming EP. With two albums already under their belt (2014’s Fun Sucker and 2016’s Wax Castle), the duo of Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti craft glorious worlds of sonically-fueled emotion through their music. Their marriage of dream-pop and garage rock begs listeners to slip away into musical fantasies, to lose ourselves in the warmth of droning guitars and the sway of Schott’s glazed voice.

The Movie - Holy Golden
The Movie – Holy Golden

In essence, “The Movie” is a trip you want to take. An ominous guitar riff opens onto a dark, vibey plane where sounds reverberate off into the distance. “Free me, I’ve got to have you all the time – find me I’ve got to have you in my life,” sings Schorr, waxing romantic in a hazey cry for help.

If I had to break
would you find me?
Oh, I saw the movie

Yes, we’re all on our own roads – individual paths. How can we not break from ourselves, while also gaining someone else? Can two intersecting timelines meet, and then run parallel, together for the rest of time? Can we have it all?

“We filmed ‘The Movie’ in the Grand Teton mountains of Wyoming, using ourselves as cinematic characters existing in a landscape at the cusp of time and space,” explains Holy Golden. “As we search for the object of our desire, the viewer can see how close we are to it, yet it continues to elude. We believe the characters will find what they are looking for, but it involves venturing into unknown territory and going outside themselves to release the confines they’ve built that prevent them from truly ‘seeing’. We played with the idea of time travel, the endless opportunities born out of loneliness, and the idea of destiny between two people. It’s a hopeful song – we all have the ability to discover what we are seeking in ‘The Movie’ of our own creation.”

We all have the ability to discover what we are seeking in ‘The Movie’ of our own creation

Holy Golden © Caroline Goddard
Holy Golden © Caroline Goddard

“The Movie” is filled with possibility and hope, spurred on by inspiration itself as our motivating factor in a life that so often must confront the unknown head-on. Though foreboding at first, the song transforms into spirited wonderment and exploration as the narrator’s eyes open wide. In the music video, we watch as two lost souls search for each other; separated by time and space, they inhabit the same location, one in the shadow of another (The Lake House, anyone?).

Energies rise as Schott and Valenti run toward each other’s footprints; we feel tension in the air at the prospect of finally finding what you’ve been longing for. In the end, we don’t know if they’ve found each other, or whatever it is they each seek; we’re left back in the darkness, to ask ourselves the same question that haunts everyone else:

What am I doing here? Where do I belong?

"The Movie" - Holy Golden still

"The Movie" - Holy Golden still

"The Movie" - Holy Golden still
“The Movie” – Holy Golden still

Holy Golden provide the ideal backdrop from which to answer these essential life questions, toying with time travel and emotional transcendence . “The Movie” is stirring, deep and provocative, utterly warm and intoxicatingly reflective. Whether we’re looking forward or backward, we only exist here in the present – so make the most of the moment as you chase down your dreams. Connect with Holy Golden via their socials below, and don’t miss them on tour this spring – dates below!

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The Movie - Holy Golden

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:: Holy Golden Spring 2017 Tour ::

May 1 – NYC, NY – Pianos
May 2 – Brooklyn, NY – Muchmore’s
May 4 – Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy
May 6 – Chapel Hill, NC – The Cave
May 8 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
May 9 – Birmingham, AL – Soft Rock Bungalow
May 11 – New Orleans, LA – Siberia
May 13 – Austin, TX – Sidewinder
May 16 – Memphis, TN – Growlers
May 17 – Nashville, TN – The East Room
May 18 – Louisville, KY – The Cure Lounge
May 19 – Indianapolis, IN – Square Cat Vinyl
May 20 – Cincinnati, OH – The Listing Loon
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